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Rankings Update following Alvarez-Hatton & More

We have dived back into our rankings after this weekend’s results, taking a look at two of the busiest divisions in the sport, junior middleweight and welterweight. The main activity in this area was of course the Saul Alvarez vs. Matthew Hatton bout, for the vacant WBC 154 lbs title. How did that performance shake up the standings?

One of the major updates that was made was for Saul Alvarez. The undefeated Mexican star in the making had been walking the line between welterweight and junior middleweight, but now, with his title, he’s firmly implanted into the 154 lbs waters and had to be ranked as such.

You might be surprised at where he ended up though… because in a deep division and being mostly untested at that weight, he doesn’t crack the top 10! Junior middleweight also saw the return of James Kirkland to his action, although he’s not yet fighting down at that weight. So some big names are moving around, and the rankings have been shook up, but they might not look as you would expect.

Meanwhile, at welterweight, it seems like more people want to move down the list or move up in weight than they do want to make a name for themselves. But there’s some movement there as well, and some younger names to keep an eye on.