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Super Flyweight Division Rankings

A lot of fantastic fighters have passed through the super flyweight division in the past half decade, including the likes of Vic Darchinyan and Nonito Donaire, just to name a few. There has been a lot of upheaval since then, and a lot of title belts changing hands. Take a look at the latest super flyweight division rankings below.

Super flyweight division rankings (115 lbs.) last updated April 2014

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank
Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank

Super Flyweight Division Champion:

Omar Narvaez

  • Record: 41 (22) – 1 -2
  • Next Fight: TBD

After his completely ill-fated, non-effort against Nonito Donaire when he moved up in weight, Narvaez came back down to 115 lbs and continued right where he left off. Since then, nothing but six more wins and title defenses. Not too shabby.

Top 10 Super Flyweight Contenders

  1. Carlos Cuadras – The undefeated Mexican slugger has been staying busy and tearing a whole through the division. Challenges for a title strap in his next fight, although many peg Cuadras as the favorite, and the uncrowned champ.
  2. Zolani Tete – Huge breakout win for Tete in his last fight against Sanchez. Before that, had an uneven record against the top flight guys in and around the division. Obviously has legit power.
  3. Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr – Sanchez had been on a great stretch until losing to Tete. Previously, he defeated the likes of Juan Francisco Estrada, Juan Alberto Rosas, Rodel Mayol, Roberto Domingo Sosa, and Rodrigo Guerrero.
  4. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai – Started his career at 1-3-1, and has gone unbeaten since. Still, he has faced an absolute cesspool of awful opponents for much of the winning streak. He goes up against Cuadras next, which will show a lot about each man.
  5. Tepparith Kokietgym – Kokietgym lost two of his first five fights, and lost just once since, to Kohei Kono. Hasn’t stepped back up in competition since, but has previous wins over Drian Francisco, Daiki Kameda and Nobuo Nashiro, an impressive hit list.
  6. Kohei Kono – Up and down career for Kono, who could upset a top guy or lose to a no hoper with about equal chance. Hallmark win over Kokeitgym. Lost his next fight, but has won two straight, including over Denkaosan Kaovichit.
  7. Daiki Kameda – Defeated Rodrigo Guerrero to pick up a strap in the division. Lost his next fight to Liborio Solis, who didn’t make weight for the fight, and went on to fight his next match at featherweight.
  8. Felipe Orucuta – Acquitted himself well against Narvaez. In fact, some believe he won the fight, including one judge, by a whopping 8 points, while the other two gave a narrow two-point victory to the homestanding Narvaez. Hmm.
  9. Oleydong Sithsamerchai – The kind of crazy record you can only acquire in Thailand, fighting seemingly every month against a guy with a losing record or making his pro debut. Still, 53 wins in 55 fights ain’t bad.
  10. Arthur Villanueva – Undefeated through his first 25 pro fights, the Filipino fighter has been gradually moving his way up through opposition. About time to take another big leap up, though.

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