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2009 Boxing Awards from ProBoxing-Fans.com

ProBoxing-Fans.com Presents Our Picks for Fighter of the Year, Fight of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Upset of the Year and Much, Much More!

With the boxing schedule just about closed out for the remainder of 2009, it’s time to take a look back on everything that has happened throughout the year with our 2009 boxing awards. We’ll take a look like some of the classic categories, like Fighter of the Year and Knockout of the Year (Gee… Do you think Manny Pacquiao might show up somewhere in there?), but we’ll also break down tons of other categories, to provide you with the perfect wrap up to the year in boxing 2009.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll finish adding to our list of individual articles and features where we name the winners of all of our 2009 boxing awards. You can find all of the categories right here. As always, feel free to chime in with your comments on who should or should not have won all of the yearly boxing awards we’ve handed out here.

2009 Year End Boxing Awards from ProBoxing-Fans.com

2009 Boxing AwardsIt’s been a great year in boxing, it started strong and it ended strong, although there was a bit of a lull in the summer, where there was also plenty of tragic news as well. However, on the whole, it was a year where boxing captured some of the public’s attention with a series of huge fights and events, and lots of great matches being made.

It was the first year that ProBoxing-Fans.com has been covering the sport, and we wanted to reach out and thank all of the fans, readers and critics who take the time to browse through our articles and commentaries, and chime in with their own opinions. As 2010 unfolds, we hope to continue expanding on our coverage for everything related to the sport, including fighter interviews, in-depth previews and recaps, live round by round coverage, boxing fight photos and much more.

Of course it won’t take long for next year to get into the swing of the things. In the first few months we have some great fights with the beginning of Super Six Stage 2, Shane Mosley vs. Andre Berto and hopefully, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. So keep checking back in with us frequently, and we’ll keep on providing the best boxing news coverage on the web today.

Update – December 29, 2009: We have now completed all of our 2009 boxing awards articles and columns. Last but certainly not least were the 2009 Fight of the Year and 2009 Round of the Year articles. So now you can check out the entire collection of year end awards in boxing, and we hope you enjoy all of the coverage that we have provided!

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