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Alex Ariza says he knows Pacquiao used PEDs, Mayweather suspends training camp & threatens fight cancellation

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Cancelled over Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Alex Ariza, the former Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach team member turned persona non grata and Floyd Mayweather confidant, has just dropped a bomb which could explode the May 2nd Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, flush $400 million down the drain, and leave millions of fight fans spurned from the sport, perhaps for good.

Ariza claims he knows for a fact that Pacquiao used performance enhancing drugs in the past. It’s a claim which will surely send lawsuits flying, and it looks as if it’s sending Mayweather packing. In an exclusive off-camera interview with ProBoxing-Fans.com, Ariza said:

“I can say unequivocally that I know Pacquiao was using performance enhancing drugs. I don’t know if he was taking steroids, HGH, or both, but I do know he was on PEDs.

“I never said anything before out of respect for Pacquiao’s career. But, I should have, and now’s the time. It’s not fair to see how legitimately hard somebody like Floyd works, doing it the real way, and then to see that put at jeopardy when somebody else is taking an easier, illicit route. I didn’t realize that until I spent time in the gym with Floyd.

“A guy can’t show up to the first day of training camp sluggish and out of shape, and then within a week, turn around and be ripped and super-charged. All while moving up in weight and staying lightning-fast. That’s not how the human body works. Even I’m not that good, believe me.

“I track all of my fighters with very careful records. But guess what? Pacquiao didn’t let me draw blood from him either, even though I could have used that data to develop superior training and nutritional programs for him. I wonder why.

“I stake my entire reputation on the fact, and I’m calling it a fact, that Pacquiao has used performance enhancing drugs, before and during training camps for several fights.”

While we have to stress that this has not yet been confirmed by promoters, when asked privately if he would still go through with the fight in light of this recent development, Mayweather had this to say:

“Hell no I’m not fighting Pacquiao on May 2nd.

“This is about my health and my family. It’s also about the integrity of the sport, and the fans.

“I have never cheated a day in my life, and I would never share a ring with anyone who did. Let alone let this guy make over $100 million thanks to my name, while he’s cheating to win.

“Until further notice, I am suspending my training camp. May 2nd is off.”

Leonard Ellerbe chimed in:

“That idiot Michael Koncz should be thanking us now that we didn’t add in the $5 million penalty for a drug test. But don’t worry, they’ll pay big in the courtroom for the lost revenue as a result of this. It’s going to be more than $5 million, I’ll tell you that right now.

“I bet if we pulled blood from Manny Pacquiao today, it’s a positive sample. Where’s the USADA right now?

“This is absolutely ridiculous. That entire outfit over there should be ashamed of themselves.”

Obviously this is terrible news for fight fans all around the world right now. Whether or not Ariza has truth behind his claims, this is a fight killer. The reaction is going to be off the charts, and as this story unfolds, this could be front page material not only in the sports sections of newspapers and magazines, but across all major news outlets.

The richest fight in history, the most important fight of the generation, one we’ve waited five years to see, an event positioned to potentially revitalize the entire sport, is either cancelled, or right on the verge of it. Now, the failed fight could serve as the final nail in the coffin for boxing. Really, why should anyone care, or invest hope, interest and money, to be disappointed at this level?

Stay tuned for updates as we get them. We’ve reached out to all camps for official comment.

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