Manny Pacquiao officially announces retirement!

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

Pacquiao Shocks Boxing Community By Retiring After Brutal Marquez KO Loss:

“I have Jinkee and the Filipino people to think about now,” said Manny Pacquiao in an official statement released on Monday morning from General Santos City in the Philippines. And just like that, after titles in eight divisions, spectacular wins and accomplishments, and status as perhaps the best fighter of his generation, Manny Pacquiao has retired.

Pacquiao’s retirement seems sudden because over the past few months, it had appeared that he decided to continue campaigning. Originally he was planning to fight in April, but that was going to be pushed back until September, to allow himself more time to recover following his knockout defeat against rival Juan Manuel Marquez this past December.

However, apparently the pressure to step away from the squared circle before it was too late became even stronger than we had previously heard.

We already knew his mother and his wife, Jinkee, were clamoring for him to retire. We heard the backroom doctor speculations and concerns about Parkinson’s being a risk factor. We knew long-time trainer, friend and mentor Freddie Roach was going to give it to Pacquiao straight, and not support another comeback if he didn’t feel it was his best interest.

And apparently, all of that led to Pacquiao hanging up the gloves now instead of seeking to avenge his last setback. From his perspective, what else would there be for him to accomplish? He’s done it all, his legacy is set and he’s certainly financially secure.

Retiring perhaps a touch too early is always a difficult decision to make, but it’s one that we all usually wish had happened in hindsight. So it’s really a positive thing to see a top fighter such as this decide to step away from the sport before the sport takes an even greater toll than it has.

Nobody wants to see Pacquiao on the Roy Jones senior circuit, getting knocked out repeatedly against guys who weren’t anywhere near his level while he was at his best.

So with that, we say congratulations to Manny Pacquiao on his retirement.

You’ve earned it, and you’ve become one of the most-beloved and accomplished boxers in modern history. Take some time off, and then reach the political heights you’ve been clamoring for. We expect to see you as President of the Philippines within the decade.

April Fool’s!

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  1. I really do not know how muck Jake Emen was paid to write this article.
    Manny Pacquiao for sure is a good fighter and sportsman, but as politician he has no experience neither suitable qualification. As Congressman he has one of the highest absence rate, therefore he is taken home a several salary’s that normally he should not be entitled to touch such as Governor and as reservist army official, it is a shame as politician taken money or using his popularity for personal gain.
    As journalist you supposed only to right the fact not your personal opinion!

  2. I dont like to read about Manny PACMAN Pacquiao to become president in philippines someday or after a decade. as a congressman, he did not show any proof that he can become a good leader in his province here in philippines. he is one of the most top absent congressman in the philippines. he did not make any good law to help his community except on making huge dollars and make history as the most popular boxer of all time in philippines. he is one of my idol and i dont want to see him in top government position, ever.
    He is not a lawmaker, he is just a very popular boxer of our time. So please stop writing in your article about pacquiao’s next president in philippines because it will not happen. i will not vote her….

  3. Pacquiao for president? Wow. Philippines has really gone to the dogs.

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