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Floyd Mayweather finally says he’s open to comeback, obviously

Credit: Stephanie Trapp / Showtime

Floyd Mayweather finally talked publicly about the fact that he’s open to coming back from his “retirement”. Well, obviously Floyd. That’s why unlike so many places which went along for the ruse even knowing better themselves, we never removed Floyd Mayweather from our rankings. He’s still the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world, because this “retirement” was clearly phony from the start.

Video Interview with Floyd Mayweather

It’s in the above Mayweather interview with Jim Gray on Showtime where Mayweather discusses the potential of a comeback. He’s in it for the money of course, so he’s talking about nine-figure, or $100 million paydays.

Of course, what Floyd doesn’t seem to realize is that his obviously fake retirement really didn’t spur on any added interest in seeing him fight again. Meet Manny Pacquiao in an entirely unnecessary rematch between two people who never retired? No thanks.

The possibility certainly looms of a rematch with Canelo Alvarez, this time for Canelo’s middleweight title, assuming he defeats Amir Khan. Well, Mayweather fighting Canelo at middleweight with 50-0 at stake is something we predicted literally a year ago.

The writing was on the wall even then that a Mayweather vs. Canelo rematch would be the most alluring opportunity. It’s a chance to get to that vaunted 50-0 mark, while also winning a title in another division. It’s a rematch of a dominant performance, but Canelo has only improved and will have even more size at his disposal in the higher weight class, while Mayweather has gotten older and rustier.

It’s an easy sell, really. Oh, and Canelo is already fighting catchweight fights, so Mayweather wouldn’t even need to deal with a 160-lb Canelo, he’d get the fight at 155 lbs.

Should Khan pull off the upset, it’s all the better for Mayweather. Khan has never stopped clamoring for the fight, and Mayweather would be facing off with another fighter who’s essentially a jumped up welterweight.

So geez, big surprise that Mayweather hints he’s coming back from retirement. It’s easy to come back when you never left. Let’s just hope it’s something worth coming back for, facing the Canelo vs. Khan winner at middleweight is at least intriguing. Or, facing the winner of the Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter fight certainly leaves a better final taste than the Andre Berto match.

Expect much unneeded and uninformed debate in the coming months about “whether Mayweather will ever fight again”. Of course he will, it’s simply a matter of when, and against whom.