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Photos: Meet the Corona Girls, boxing ring card girls

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Meet The Corona Girls: Photos of the Sexy Boxing Ring Card Girls from Corona –

The gorgeous Corona Girls continue to take the boxing world by storm for all of the big fights they’re involved with. Right here, you can say hello to a few of the beautiful Corona girls with our huge photo gallery of the lovely ladies in action, working the crowd at weigh-ins and press conferences, and in between rounds and bouts on fight night. Take a look.

Corona Girls Photo Gallery

So, who are the Corona girls? They have a rotating group, and while some of the girls seem to be involved in multiple fights, there’s also a lot of changing faces depending on where the fight is and which companies are involved.

These days, they’re working all of the big Golden Boy fights, and therefore also all of the big cards on Showtime. So you’ve been seeing a lot of them if you’ve been tuning into all of the recent big events, from Brooklyn to Las Vegas, San Antonio to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, the sexy Corona Girls have made their presence felt.

Of course, the Corona girls definitely have stiff competition in the form of the Top Rank Knockouts, as well as the Chicas Tecate and all of the sport’s other ring girls. But they’re certainly contenders with a strong case for being at the top!

Enjoy all of our Corona girls photos and keep on checking back for more!