Big fight boxing rumors: Pacquiao vs. Marquez V; Mayweather vs. Guerrero

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Boxing is about big fights, and while the biggest fight of them all seems to have been officially crushed when Manny Pacquiao was leveled by one vicious, pinpoint punch from Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth encounter, we have some rumors and news on other big fights potentially coming our way in 2013. Neither one is exactly a shock, and neither is a done deal as of yet, but both seem to be on the forefront right now.

So while some sports fans may be focused on how to bet on the Super Bowl, and boxing may never see its own “Super Bowl”, for the time-being we’ll have to settle for these intriguing fights from the two biggest stars in the game.

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

First, it looks like Pacquiao and Marquez could be fighting for a fifth time. Promoter Bob Arum has stated his inclinations on making this fight already, and he’s said that it could be what’s next for both men. It’s not a surprising move, and surely Pacquiao wants to get back in there with his rival.

However, after that kind of knockout loss, I’m not sure why he would rush to do that, and wouldn’t want to take a different bout in the interim to get back to his winning ways and ensure a complete recovery from the kayo heard ’round the world.

As for Floyd Mayweather, it looks like he’s leaning towards a May 4th fight against Robert Guerrero. Guerrero’s team has long been clamoring for a fight against Money Mayweather, but now they’re actually in a place where they can fully say they deserve it.

Guerrero is coming off a career best win over Andre Berto in a high profile welterweight fight. He’s currently rated number 11 pound for pound, and number 3 in the welterweight division, behind only Mayweather and Marquez.

The winner of the Mayweather vs. Guerrero clash would then likely be set up for a September showdown against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez over Mexican Independence Day weekend.

The winner of Pacquiao vs. Marquez V? Well, as far as we can tell they’ll just keep on fighting each other.

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  1. The way Pacquiao has lost in his last fight with Marquez, I think it is very hard to restore confidence, and whatever Pacquiao’s feeling the tempo of the fight will always be dictated by Marquez. The new found strength of Marquez brought about his long training disciplines has made the difference despite of his age. Compare to Pacquiao dividing politics and boxing, his focus really was on the slide. Socializing cannot be mixed with the professional boxing career which requires more harnessing of skills depending upon the foe’s caliber. Pacquiao should have remained focus but what happened was a complete mishandling of his boxing career, who is to blame? Anyway he is our national hero, and if he really inclines to stick into politics then go to it, and it would be better to serve the people’s life and interests.

  2. Pacquiao Marquez 5 is possible great fight for 2013, but it looks like Marquez is playing hard to get, unlike when he lost the first 3 fights. His excuse is that his “wife has the final say”, but it is really Marquez who has the final decision as a man or “mas macho”, if he really is macho?
    This could be also an alibi, to get the maximum money as much as possible, and also to be able to dictate the terms of the fight, like “no random PED testing”, etc. etc.
    Pacquiao should ask for random testing this time, and maximum million dollar penalty and ban for life, for any positive result.

  3. pacquiao will never recover from that lullaby ko loss unless he gives up politics, showbiz, bible study etc., and concentrate mainly in boxing just like marquez does…

  4. I believe the knockout punch would really put anyone out because it wasn’t seen and the punch had the full force in it. But the first knockdown really makes me suspicious. I really cant believe Juan Manuel Marquez could knockdown Pacquiao with one punch given that the punch was from afar and was clearly seen. In fact Pacquiao even tried to move away to soften the impact of the punch. Its no longer Juan Manuel Dinamita Marquez. Its now Juan Manuel Inc”PED”ible Hulk Marquez.

    I am not acerbic with the outcome of the match. I enjoyed the fight. But I call the fight as I see it. As I said, the knockout punch was great. It was the third round knockdown that is questionable.

    I watched the slow motion of the knockdown punch in round 3. Pacquiao saw the punch coming and even tried to parry the shot with his left glove and also tilted his body and head sideways to minimize the impact of the blow. But still, with the “softened” impact of the punch, Pacquiao was knocked back feet off the ground. True, the shot had knockout intentions, but still that was the kind of punch that had been thrown and taken a lot of times by Pacquiao in the past 3 bouts without going down.

    The impact of Pacquiao being thrown with both feet off the ground from a hard but still seen and softened punch is what makes me suspicious of the well-developed power of Marquez. And try to look at You Tube interviews of Marquez’s conditioning coach. Just by looking at his face, the way he answers and his mannerism, it gives you the impression that he indeed is a cocky cheat who is confident he could bypass PEDs testing anytime.

    I do observe that Pacquiao is on the decline. The knockdown punch in round 3 was thrown from afar. Pacquiao saw it and braced himself for the punch but was somehow stupefied and was not able to move fast to get away. If it were the Pacquiao of the past, his cat quick reflex would have enabled him to move away instead of just bracing up, blocking with the left and bending to minimize the impact. Pacquiao was still quick and his reflex was like before 95% of the time during the match. But 5% of the time, his reflex was slower than tops which can be crucial when fighting at the elite level.

    Dont get me wrong. I am a fan of boxing and a fan of both Pacquiao and Marquez. Pacquiao, ever so explosive and Marquez busted and bloodied still fights to the very end. However, I call the fight as I see it. And in Pacquiao-Marquez 4, and even in the third bout, I honestly believe, Heredia likely administered PEDs to Marquez, with (but hopefully) without his knowledge. Fuck the mother-fuckin cheat Heredia, should be banned from all sports.

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