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Pound for Pound Rankings Update & Some Little Guys Ranking Love

If there were any lingering questions about Giovani Segura… well, consider them answered. He dismantled Ivan Calderon in their highly anticipated rematch, and in doing so, will be making his well-deserved debut into our top 20 pound for pound boxers in the world. Take a look at the updated rankings, and also check out our lower weight class rankings, where we finally have gone back and updated the top 10 for the little guys, too.

Besides Segura, who else has been in motion in the top 20 pound for pound? Yuriorkis Gamboa has been continuing to shine as of late, and he has made his debut into our rankings as well. Of course, with two new entrants, that means that two fighters had to fall off the list as well.

In the four lightest weight divisions in the sport, that has been tons of exciting and rankings-altering bouts in the past few months. Some of the best fighters in the world reside there, and the competitive Japanese, Filipino and Taiwanese scenes would be more than enough to sustain the sport even without all of the fantastic Mexican and South American fighters plying their trades there as well. Definitely worth a look to see who’s who in those divisions and their top 10 rankings right now.

So check out all of our updated rankings, including the lighter weight classes where there has been plenty of good action as of late, and the pound for pound list, with a few new members and lots of intriguing movement.