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Boxing meme: Juan Manuel Marquez is Gustavo on Netflix’s Narcos?

The Netflix drama Narcos premiered to rave reviews this fall. The story follows the rise and fall of Colombia’s cocaine kingpin, the notorious Pablo Escobar. In the show, his cousin and right hand man is Gustavo, played by actor Juan Pablo Raba. Well, we might have to go check IMDB about that, because we’re pretty sure it’s actually Juan Manuel Marquez.

Exhibit A: Gustavo on Narcos (as played by Juan Pablo Raba)

Exhibit B: Juan Manuel Marquez (as played by Juan Manuel Marquez)

Any boxing fan who watched Narcos must have thought the same thing. The similarities are uncanny between these two.

This isn’t the first boxer that we could swear is also appearing in Hollywood. In fact, with Gilberto Ramirez serving as a perfect match Manny from Scarface, it seems that Mexican boxers are being typecast as the best friends slash partners of infamous cocaine dealers! When will Hollywood stop this kind of stereotypical behavior?

In fact, even when bloody and battered, Juan Manuel Marquez is still a dead ringer for Gustavo:

Bloody Gustavo Narcos vs Bloody Juan Manuel MarquezAlright Juan Pablo and Juan Manuel, one of the two of you is lying to us about your identity or your career choices. Who’s going to come forward and admit it?