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Fight results from Westeros: The Mountain smashes Oberyn, wins by brutal KO

Credit: HBO

Red Viper vs. The Mountain Game of Thrones Results:

In the Westeros showdown everyone had been waiting for in the world of Game of Thrones, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane scored a smashing, brutal knockout victory over his cocky challenger, Oberyn “The Red Viper” Martell on Sunday night in King’s Landing.

Oberyn learned the same lesson that a similarly cocky challenger, George Groves, learned on Saturday night in London — brash trash-talking, and slick skills, only go so far. You can be winning a fight at the start, but when you face somebody like The Mountain, or in the case of Groves, Carl “The Cobra” Froch, one good punch is all it takes to turn things around.

Luckily for Groves, he only got corkscrewed to the canvas, suffering a knockout defeat. For The Red Viper, there will be no further fights.

Oberyn charged out and took control of the fight from its onset. He was out for vengeance, and he made it be known to his opponent, as well as to the crowd. His hand- and foot-speed were both too great for the Mountain, who plodded along but could not keep up. He was able to break the Red Viper’s spear, but Oberyn quickly rebounded and grabbed another.

A slice here, a jab there, and soon The Mountain was crumpled to the ground, punctuated by a vaulting spear jab into the chest. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Yet, Oberyn did not finish his man off. Instead of landing the final blow, the Red Viper continued pressing, eager for a confession from the Mountain, and to hear the words he had always waited for — that Tywin Lannister had given him the orders to kill his sister and her children. Yet, cockiness breeds sloppiness, and the Mountain, with a final burst of strength, grabbed The Red Viper’s leg, threw him to the ground, and smashed his face apart with one monster punch, teeth sent flying across the dirt ring.

He then, in an awful, gruesome fashion reserved for Trial by Combats, and not prize fights, gouged Martell’s eyes and caved in his face with terrifying force.

The Red Viper stood on the cusp of victory, but he let it all go due to his need for vengeance. He paid the ultimate price for the error, and now too, so will Tyrion, who is found guilty and sentenced to death as a result of the match.