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Boxing Fantasy Matches Pitting Legends Against One Another

There’s nothing boxing fans like doing more than debating boxing history, and issues such as which fighter would have won a match against another legend he wasn’t able to face.

This is where the boxing fantasy fight or fantasy match comes into play. Here at we have dozens of different fantasy fights for you to take a look, discuss and debate, including fighters from different eras and periods of the game, and contemporary greats who never got to square off against each other for one reason or another.

Would Muhammad Ali have defeated Rocky Marciano in the ultimate heavyweight title fight? Whose left hook would have reigned supreme when Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson rumbled against one another? Would Floyd Mayweather have been able to survive Tommy Hearns? Take a look below.

Fantasy Fights: Fighters from Different Eras

Floyd Mayweather Fantasy Fights

Manny Pacquiao Fantasy Fights

Today’s Best Versus The Top 10 Fighters in History

Fantasy Fights: Contemporaries

Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts on all of these matches, and whether or not you agree or disagree with how our writers think they would have gone. As mentioned, that’s half the fun when it comes to boxing history and debates, and it’s the whole purpose behind putting together these intriguing what-if style boxing fantasy fights.

We’ll continue adding up more fantasy boxing fights as time goes on. If there’s an all-time great match you have always thought about, but isn’t showcased here yet, then please feel free to send us a message and we’ll do our best to get one up shortly

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  1. Please write the fantasy fight for Nigel Benn vs Thomas Hearns. IMO it would have been a startling victory for Benn whose style played to Hearns weakness for determined hook and cross big hitters. Quicker than Barkley and harder hitting, Benn would probably got tagged early and let loose, drop hearns twice and within two rounds crush hearns in his own corner, leaving him hanging onto one of the ropes, ref waving it off to prevent further harm.

    Please write fantasy fight Carl Froch vs Julian Jackson. …. this time Froch..doesnt beat the count?

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